Welcome to the blog for UniqueThrows4Less.com

Welcome to the blog for UniqueThrows4Less.com
Unique decorative throws blankets at affordable prices!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

We have an announcement!

UniqueThrows4Less has recently come alongside a fantastic special needs company, The Weighted Blanket Whisper, offering therapy lap pads and blanket throws to aid in ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, Cerebral Palsy, surgery recovery, PTSD...

There are many benefits to therapy weighted throw blankets

Hospital patients recovering from surgery or anticipating a stressful operation benefit greatly from deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS) supplied by the weight in weighted blankets, believed to be releasing naturally-occuring chemical Serotonin, in the brain. Serotonin releases "happy" endorphins, giving a sense of well being, converting to Melatonin, which calms and relaxes you to sleep.

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Autism Puzzle- orange plush dot reverse

Red plush dot reverse

Kitty Cat w/ribbon fidgets
blue plush dot reverse

Ninja Turtles w/ribbon fidgets -plush dot reverse

Breast Cancer Awareness- Pink Chevron/plush dot reverse

Tropical Hibiscus- Brown plush dot reverse

Mickey Mouse- Red plush dot reverse

Minnie Mouse- Polka dot reverse