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Welcome to the blog for UniqueThrows4Less.com
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Friday, May 5, 2017

Marketing with Pinterest

Marketing with Pinterest

The question has been often asked in social media- How do I get started with Pinterest? Is there a class, a video tutorial, an article geared towards education in marketing? How do I navigate Pinterest to promote my business/products? Is there a step-by-step process?

For me, personally, it was mostly thru trial and error over the years, learning as I went along. But since then, I've gained a few tips along the way.


In your Pinterest profile, you want to have a keyword rich introduction. Have a handful of hashtags that identify with your business. For instance, if you are selling camping tents you may want #tents #outdoor #camping #family #adventure

Once you have the bare bones of your Pinterest board, you want to start adding pins. This can be achieved by saving your favorites as you browse the wonderful world of Pinterest, or take a step further and create your own. Save high quality photographs of products that you're selling, upload them with a brief description (upper right hand corner) into your Pinterest board with a hyperlink to your website (using tinyurl can shorten a long link into something attractive and use less of the limited word count)- Make this board as entertaining and call to action as possible


Follow boards of interest, or trade links within social media. You will rapidly grow a following of your own, as they reciprocate. What I have found, is in going to a few of the pins that you are following, and leaving a brief comment, you are not only contributing to a pay-it-forward culture, but marketing your business across search engines as well- win, win.

Something unique that I do, if you own a Facebook page geared towards your business, is after following, liking and commenting on a really interesting pin that your customers may find fascinating and useful, is to promote that pin as a featured post. If you obtained this pin thru a forum or message board, give the pinner a heads up, so that they can check out their pin on YOUR Facebook page, again- unique marketing
You not only engaged the pinner, your promoted their pin to the world of social media that contained your comment, which in turn highlighted your company, while helping out your fellow man (or woman 😉

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