Welcome to the blog for UniqueThrows4Less.com

Welcome to the blog for UniqueThrows4Less.com
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Friday, April 15, 2011

NEW Shamelessly promote your business!

We live in a world constantly inundated with blogs, message boards and forums that restrict Self Promotion and call it "Spamming" and in retaliation, banning you from their boards, so here is a rare opportunity to shamelessly promote yourself!

You believe in what you do, your product and your unique selling abilities, so here is your chance to tell the world what you have to offer.

Just reply to this post with a brief description of your business or product, hyper-linked to your website and contact information.
Feel free to pass around the social networks and along to family and friends. Nearly everyone, these days, has something to offer.

Let us know : )   If you have a coupon, sale or special offer make sure to include it in your post

Best to you in your business endeavor. God Bless! ~UniqueThrows4Less


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