Welcome to the blog for UniqueThrows4Less.com

Welcome to the blog for UniqueThrows4Less.com
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Benefits of Faux Fur Throws Blankets

There are several varieties of  luxury faux fur throw blankets in the market today.
These accent pieces are designed to replicate the real thing right down to the color and feel of  each elegant piece. A faux fur throw blanket can be designed to look like just about any animal you desire, from zebra, mink, leopard, black bear, chinchilla...there are many faux animal skins to choose from. 

Faux fur throws blankets are the perfect accessories to use on cold evenings or to throw out over the floor in front of a cozy fireplace.

There are a few styles of faux fur mink design s that include a pattern on the opposite side. This makes the faux fur blanket throw a reversible item to use for creating a different effect. Some of these faux fur throws have a lining made of shimmery satin to make them super soft. If you get really cold, wrap one of our thick faux fur throws around you for instant, pleasurable warmth.

Nothing feels as luxurious as fur, so wrapping up inside these throw blankets will not only keep you warm, they will feel amazing on your skin as well. 
You can find them available at department stores, but online stores offer faux fur throws for a fraction of the the price as well as one-stop shopping, offering a beautiful variety. 

Kids love our bright colored faux fur throws- available in lime green, hot pink, yellow, orange- stunning bedroom additions!

Faux fur throws blankets are a stylish way to add warmth to your room or to wrap yourself within  when you need an extra layer.


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  2. Thank you for your kind comment. We recently added new faux fur designs. Come take a look