Welcome to the blog for UniqueThrows4Less.com

Welcome to the blog for UniqueThrows4Less.com
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Duvet vs Comforter- What's the difference?

A duvet cover is a thinner version of the comforter, but like a pillowcase over your favorite pillow, it is designed to slip over your favorite bedding to add an instant pop of color or to change the scenery in the bedroom while protecting your comforter and adding a layer of extra softness.

Whether you're looking for bold red roses and black flora design, bright yellow and pink dahlias, classy peacock feathers in contemporary brown and blue...you can find unique, extraordinary French designs.

Why duvet? Because duvet is pronounced due-vay , which is "down" in old French.

 Snaps typically hold the duvet cover into place over your favorite comforter, but if you want the ultimate of luxury, layer the duvet over a thick, down comforter and you'll think you were in heaven. Duvet covers are now priced quite afford-ably, often with Free shipping and offer a much better variety than a bed-in-a-bag that is on the market today.

Find a duvet bedding throw blanket set, complete with super soft sheets and you will have an instant bedroom transformation at the snap of a finger.  


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