Welcome to the blog for UniqueThrows4Less.com

Welcome to the blog for UniqueThrows4Less.com
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Benefits of Therapy Weighted Blanket Throws

Pediatric weighted throw blankets are perfect for occupational therapy, for calming an agitated, hyper child with ADHD, Autism, Aspberger's, Cerebral Palsy as well as a thoughtful gift for disabled senior citizens to give them a restful mood and a natural release of Serotonin that provides a pleasurable endorphin that gives you a sense of overall happiness, converting to Melatonin that gradually calms and relaxes you for sleep.

Due to their compact size, Lap Pads in particular, are a popular therapy tool used at school, in the car, at the dentist, at the dinner table, etc., to help calm and focus.

Why do babies immediately stop crying and become still when swaddled securely in receiving blankets? Because they feel secure and a naturally occurring DPTS (deep pressure touch stimulation) is taking place.

That's what our weighted throw blankets offer- a sense that all is well and allow our emotions to calm and stabilize.

Our weighted blankets in fun creative designs and cartoon characters are weighted with state of the art poly pellets that are sewn within, preventing an annoying pooling of pellets in one corner, giving an evenly distributed weight to the recipient.

We also carry adult versions of the weighted therapy throws blankets- just ask

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